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Athlazy by TNTBAC

My jogging bottoms are elasticated and I wear them because they’re comfortable. I haven't been jogging for over a decade but I wear jogging apparel every day and I wear it to do nothing! But not just nothing. I actively pursue doing nothing! And I seek out this nothingness in my joggers and keep them on to laze around in. We all do.

I have no intention to participate in any kind of sport or even to watch other people participate in a sport. But I'll dress head to toe in that sport's gear.

It's OK to do nothing sometimes. Naps are the best. Have you tried snuggling in a suit? Don't,

It's time to rise up (but just one arm while remaining seated) and reclaim the sofa!

"I am Athlazy and I'll wear whatever the heck I want, to do whatever I want, and right now I wanna sit down and watch Netflix."