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In a world where almost no one is nice for its own sake, where people have forgotten their privilege and where kindness is a rare quality to possess, is a friendly reminder to be nice, to not take things too seriously, and to lighten the fuck up. 


TNTBAC started during lockdown 1.0 as an Instagram feed (@TNTBAC) at a time when large numbers of people (including myself) had lost their job, Covid was just starting its rampage and morale around the world was very low. This was accompanied by an outbreak of nastiness and general unpleasantness from people, often quite out of character and which I attributed to the psychological effect of the pandemic and lockdown. They were being short-tempered and judgemental and curtain-twitchy and generally started acting like real cunts.

My response was to seize joy wherever I could find it: if I thought of something funny, or saw something that made me chuckle, I made it into a post and put it online. Eventually I decided to make it into a website and then I added a shop, which leads us all the way to the site as you see it now. 

TNTBAC - Who Said It?


Kathy Burke

(National Fucking Treasure)

Be Content, 
Clean Your Teeth,
Make Sure Your Breath Don't Stink


The TNTBAC Motto

Life is tough, people are jerks, I keep biting the inside of my mouth & no one seems to care.
I'm alive, I have a roof over my head, running water, sanitation, healthcare & access to the internet. 
Things could be worse, so the least I can do is smile, be nice, and


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